2021 Corporate Partner Programs


Solutions Spotlights

Solutions Spotlight

New this year, AADGP Solutions Spotlights are excellent ways for our Corporate Partners to engage with our Expo Attendees through the delivery of Webinars. Each webinar is scheduled without any competition from other programs providing our Partners with an exclusive opportunity to display their expertise in their field.

Speed Networking

Speed Networking

One of the most requested programs is now available to our Corporate Partners. Speed Networking creates opportunities for our Partners to target the Attendees they would like to meet with to set up private one-on-one online meetings.

Interactive Program Ads

Interactive Expo Program Ads

Take advantage of the online format to add an interactive ad to our 2021 Expo Program. Combine video, hyperlinks and other interactive features to get the attention of our Attendees.

Solutions Spotlight $3,500 each (5 available)

The first program we are offering Corporate Partners is our Solutions Spotlight. This program will create opportunities for Corporate Partners to present mini-webinars that will provide examples of how their company delivered high value to practices. Talks can be on a variety of topics and AADGP will heavily promote the talk and they’ll accept video promos from each presenting company that’ll be prominently featured on the Expo website. Each webinar will be one hour and AADGP will provide contact information of all who registered. B-online will produce each talk, and there’ll be no other association programming scheduled that’ll conflict with the talks. The number of spots are limited, so contact us soon for more information and to discuss YOUR topic.

Speed Networking $7,500 each

We are very excited to announce our Speed Networking Program for the 2021 Expo. This program enables our Corporate Partners the opportunity to request and meet privately with Practice decision-makers. Corporate speed networking participants will be given a list of registered attendees. Participants will use this data to request ten-minute virtual networking appointments with attendees of their choice. Attendees will view your meeting request along with the other requests to choose with whom they’d like to meet. There will be time to meet with four attendees an hour. A virtual booth will be assigned to each corporate participant to continue the conversation after the initial meeting if needed. Once again, spots are limited, so contact us soon for more information.

Interactive Expo Program Ads

AADGP Interactive Program Ads for the 2021 Expo Program Book offer a unique way to reach Expo Attendees. Ads sizes available for purchase will be both full and half pages.

All ads can utilize video, hyperlinks and other interactive features that enable advertisers to really connect with our attendees.

Use the ads to:

  • promote your attendance at the Expo,
  • offer special promotions or show specials that can link to a landing page
  • highlight a new product or service with our video option.

Online meetings call for online solutions

Use the power of digital marketing to bring life to traditional static print ads to life.