2020 Speakers


Dominic Totman

Founder & Attorney, Totman Law Office


Dominic Totman is the consumer member of the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners, the occupational licensing board for dentistry in the State of North Carolina. As part of his duties for the Board, Dominic sits on the Management Review Committee, which reviews all managements arrangements and agreements between dentist-owned practices and management companies in NC for legal compliance.  

Outside of the Board, Dominic is an attorney predominantly representing dentists and dental practices regarding the myriad of legal needs and issues that accompany being a dentist or operating a practice. Dominic’s services include assisting with buying and selling practices, adding partners and structuring ownership, employment law needs, commercial real estate and regulatory compliance, among other things.

Dominic lives in Matthews, North Carolina (just outside of Charlotte) with his wife, kids and dog and enjoys reading, exercising and music.