Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

Friday, February 5, 2021: 9:10 am – 10:40 am

CE Program #1 (1.5 Credits)


Dr. Brent Barta (Moderator), President, West 10th Dental Group, Indianapolis, IN (Bio)

Florian Hillen (Panelist), CEO, VideaHealth, Boston, MA (Bio)

Wardah Inam (Panelist), CEO, Overjet, Cambridge, MA (Bio)

Ophir Tanz (Panelist), CEO, Pearl, West Hollywood, CA (Bio)

Dr. Linda Vidone (Panelist), Vice President Clinical Management, Delta Dental (Bio)

Dmitry Tuzoff (Panelist), Founder & CEO Denti.AI (Bio)

Domo Arigato Mr Roboto Course Description

Artificial Intelligence – What is it and how to use it to grow your practice. Our panel will discuss the current state of Artificial Intelligence in the business world in general and then how it is effecting the Dental industry.

Course Objectives

  • What is AI ? A broad overview
  • What technologies are currently in use in medicine?
  • What opportunities exist for AI in dentistry?
  • Who are the potential end users for these new AI tools?
  • How will AI benefit the dental providers? Group practices? The insurance industry? Others?
  • What is the concern for consequences associated with these technologies?
  • Predictions for the future – near and long range?

Participants Will Learn

At the end of this course the participants will:

  • Have a greater understanding into the level of development of AI into the business world
  • Learn about how AI is being used in Dentistry
  • Get an understanding as to where the future of AI is going in the Dental industry
  • Hear about several use-cases where AI has improved business systems in Dental Groups
  • Learn about several practical ways AI can be introduced in their Dental Group Practices