Exit Stage Left

Being Intentional in Developing Your Exit Strategy

Friday , February 5, 2021: 11 am – 12:15 pm

CE Program #8 (1.25 Credits)



Dr. Alex Giannini (Moderator), CSO, Aligned Dental Partners  (Bio)

John McClure (Panelist), Co-Founder, Aligned Dental Partners  (Bio)

Bill Nuemann, (Panelist), CEO, Group Dentistry Now (Bio)

Exit Stage Left Course Description

Our panelists will discuss the many important factors to consider when developing your Exit Strategy from your Practice.

Course Objectives

  • The current state of transactions from both a volume and type perspective
  • How the COVID Pandemic has impacted valuations and their stability
  • The biggest factors that contribute to maximizing the value of practices or groups
  • Discuss the differences to selling to a strategic buyer versus a private equity firm
  • Steps to take today to prepare for an eventual Exit
  • Important factors that should be focused on to maximize the value of a practice or group

Participants Will Learn

At the end of this course the participants will:

  • Have a greater understanding into the current environment for acquisitions
  • Understand the important external factors influencing the M&A market are
  • Learn the majors factors that strategic buyers or private equity firms look for in acquisition candidates
  • Understand the differences in selling to a strategic buyer versus a private equity firm
  • Have a sequences of events for preparing for the exit
  • Understand what factors should be focused on to bring the highest valuation for the practice or group