Dr. Brent Barta


Dr. Brent Barta

AADGP President


  • Evie Caprel
    Evie Caprel
    Co-Founder, Breakthrough Results

    When I started my career, my dad said being an entrepreneur could offer great rewards and deep satisfaction. It can also be terrifying. He always wished he had started his own firm. So taking his advice, I started my first company at age 26, and have been an entrepreneur for most of my professional career. And I’ve learned a lot over the past few decades.

    Now I blend my passion for people in business and Associations with the knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship and leadership development to help them reach new pinnacles. Our BreakThrough Moments Methodology blends business acumen with techniques that remove blocks and open possibilities in both your personal and professional life. It also provides sustainable access to generate a life of mindfulness, and at the same time, positively impacts the bottom line.

    You’ll be more effective, happier and more satisfied. Companies thrive and grow, and people throughout the organization feel connected and valued.

    Email me to learn more: evie@break-through.us for a complimentary 1/2 hr. phone session.

    Speaking Topics: Generating BreakThroughs Now, Mindfulness, How to be the Leader you Want to be, The Intentional Leader, INTRApreneurship, Stress Resilience, How to Embrace Integrative Health in 6 Easy Steps & more!

  • Tom Caprel
    Tom Caprel
    Founder, Breakthrough Results

    Combining deep skills in executive coaching and management consulting with hands-on expertise and experience in entrepreneurship, Tom Caprel is a leading business advisor. Clients say Tom “makes a bottom line difference”, is “invaluable to our decision making” and acts as “the guide who clarifies our vision and priorities”. Tom works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to help them strengthen their leadership skills and realize positive, lasting behavioral changes that result in transformative personal and organizational results.

    Known for being creative, driven and passionate in his pursuit of helping businesses and the people that run them reach their full potential, Tom is a catalyst for change and development for small to medium sized enterprises. He has guided hundreds of SMB owners and their leadership teams as they break through their most complex problems to reach the next level of success for themselves and their businesses. For over 30 years, Tom has demonstrated his ability to fast-track companies, ramp up business development and make operations more effective.

    Tom was a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years, starting and growing several businesses prior to founding BreakThough Results, Inc. As an innovative entrepreneur, he developed a passion for the leading trends in organizational and leadership development which led him to step out of his last technology business and create a powerful executive coaching and strategy practice that has served clients for the past 15+ years. Cultivating individual and corporate transformations using his Breakthrough Moments methodology, Tom has never lost his passion for teaching business leaders how to break through their toughest most change resistant issues as well as take advantage of their most outstanding opportunities, ones they never thought they could create and handle. Oh yeah, and he’s all about work life balance too.



Feb 05 2022


Pacific Standard Time
10:00 am - 11:30 am

AADGP Insight Groups: The Power of Group Thinking


Running a Dental Group Practice today has never been more complex. With navigating new governmental compliance matters, ever changing insurance carrier landscape, competitive challenges and who could forget, a world-wide pandemic, you would need to spend 24 hours a day just to keep abreast of what is happening in our industry.

That is why we are proud to announce the formulation of the AADGP Insight Groups. Insight Groups are collections of six to ten non-competing, like-sized Dental Group Practices that agree to share key indicators about their practice with other members. Each group is run by a professional moderator who assures that the group is moving in a positive direction. To become a member of an Insight Group potential members are vetted by the existing members of the group to make sure that the potential new member is willing to commit the time and energy to participate in the activities of the group.  A new member must also be willing to share key statistics (all confidentially of course) with the other group members who in turn share their information.

Insight Group Goals

Continuous Improvement

Enable Practice C-Level Practice Management with best practices, new ideas and financial comparisons and industry benchmarks to improve your Practice’s performance and profitability


Financial Comparisons

Provide each member with financial comparisons of other group members along with average and best-in-class Practices



Proprietary Data Access

View metrics of other Insight Group members to provide members with the input they need to make real-time adjustments to their Practices



Support Network

It’s lonely at the top, that is why each Insight Group Member has the support of your group peers along with the Group Moderators between meetings


Join us as Insight Group Moderators Tom & Evie Caprel from the Consulting Firm of Breakthrough Results takes the audience through a complimentary Insight Group Session. Tom and Evie will also be there to answer your questions about the program like:

  • Why an AADGP Insight Group?
  • Who Can Join?
  • What is the Time Commitment?
  • What is the Cost to Join a Group?


See for yourself the power of moderator led group thinking. The positive impact on your Practice will be astounding

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