Anuj James


Anuj James

Dr. Anuj James, a partner and general dentist at Village Family Dental, was raised in Lumberton, NC and graduated from Lumberton High School. He completed his undergraduate studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He then spent two years in research with the Dental Research Center of UNC-Chapel Hill and the Unilever Corp in Port Sunlight, England. Dr. James received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry in 2002 and began his career with Village Family Dental shortly thereafter. Dr. James has extensive clinical experience including training at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, the Buncombe County Health Center in Asheville, NC and the Upper Cardoza Clinic in Washington, D.C. Several of his scholarly articles have been published in numerous journals and he has made contributions to two textbooks. He has presented research at both national and international dental conferences. His areas of interest include: aesthetic dentistry, root canal therapy, and sedation dentistry. Dr. James is a member of the American Dental Association, the North Carolina Dental Society and the Fayetteville Dental Society. He practices all areas of comprehensive family dentistry and is heavily involved in his community. He provides pro-bono dental care for patients via the Care Clinic in Fayetteville and has participated in mission trips to Nicaragua where he provided free dental care for residents in need. Dr. James is passionate about his work and enjoys bringing the very best in dental care to his patients. He currently resides in Fayetteville with his wife and their three children. Dr. James is fluent in Malayalan, the official language of Kerala, a state in Southern India. In his free time, he enjoys flying model airplanes, playing racquetball, and spending quality time with his family. Anuj has nothing to disclose.


  • Amol Nirgudkar
    Amol Nirgudkar
    Founder and CEO, Patient Prism

    Amol Nirgudkar helps dentists grow their practices and reach their goals.

    He is in an unusual position to offer practical insights. As a certified public accountant, business consultant, author, entrepreneur, and former owner of several dental practices, he has 20 years of experience working with dental practices, both large and small.

    Through the three companies he founded, Amol has served more than 1,000 dentists across the United States. Through his work, Amol saw firsthand a growth challenge that all dental practices face. No matter how successfully they may market their practice, almost 50% of new patient calls don’t end in a booked appointment.

    To help solve that problem, he founded Patient Prism in 2015. The service uses both A.I. and American call coaches to evaluate the way dental offices handle phone calls, identify the callers that didn’t schedule, and teach the team how to win them back – all within 30 minutes of the failed call.

    Amol co-invented the patented technologies used in Patient Prism. One eliminates the need to listen to recorded phone calls by providing the information visually. The other technology details specific words spoken by the patient during the call so dentists and managers know which services callers are requesting and the revenue opportunity associated with each call. Amol continues to work with artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower dental teams to deliver a better patient experience and build even more successful practices. As of today, Amol currently holds 5 utility patents in the call intelligence space.

    Amol has also written several articles and e-books, and published a paperback book called Profitable Niches in General Dentistry (2014).

    Amol sits on several emerging DSO boards and acts as an advisor to many CEOs around the country. In his spare time, Amol also runs a quantitative hedge fund and travels the country with his 17-year-old piano prodigy daughter to piano competitions.

    Amol Nirgudkar has nothing to disclose.

  • Dimitri Rabinovich
    Dimitri Rabinovich
    Senior Product Manager, Henry Schein One

    Dimitri Rabinovich, serves as Sr. Product Manager for Henry Schein One, with expertise in Patient Relationship Management and Patient Demand Generation. His team’s focus is on designing, developing, and delivering powerful dental marketing and communication products including, Demandforce, Sesame, Lighthouse 360, WebMD, and more.

    Dimitri also has more than 18 years of hands-on experience including operations management and management consulting for a number of successful dental and medical practices. With additional experience in healthcare, business management and web engineering, Dimitri brings a wide variety and decades of experience to dental.

    Dimitri is an employee of Henry Schein One.

  • Ryan Hungate
    Ryan Hungate
    Founder & CEO, Simplifeye

    Ryan Hungate, DDS, MS, is a practicing orthodontist and the founder and CEO of Simplifeye, a company that focuses on creating better workflows for dental practices to increase new patients, reduce overhead, and reduce bad debt. Dr. Hungate graduated from the orthodontic specialty program at the University of Southern California. Prior to dental school, Dr. Hungate worked for Apple Inc. and helped design the customer workflow adopted by Apple’s retail stores globally. Dr. Hungate continues to practice orthodontics each month, volunteering to help children in need of orthognathic surgery, cleft palate treatment, and orthodontic care.
    Ryan Hungate is a Board Member of Simplifeye.



Feb 04 2022


Pacific Standard Time
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

New Patient Acquisition Strategies

Session Description: Acquiring new patients is one of the most important tasks a group practice needs to accomplish. This panel will cover various innovative strategies for acquiring new patients including the use of AI and innovative technology platforms.

Learner Objectives: Attendees will learn the importance and strategic benefit to utilizing AI platforms.

Continuing Education Credits: 1.0

Schedule Subject to Change

The event is finished.

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