2020 Speakers


Jeff Clark

President, Practice Analytics


Jeff Clark is the President of Practice Analytics and loves using data to tell a story. He received a degree in Economics from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, focused on marketing analytics. Before starting Practice Analytics, Jeff spent ten years providing analytical consulting for consumer focused Fortune 100 companies. He then moved into the dental industry leveraging those analytical skills to develop performance measurement tools for a dental group in the Pacific Northwest. While working for this DSO, Jeff created unique ways to measure performance and evaluate the overall impact on production throughout the organization. Practice Analytics evolved from the work with this group and now offers a real-time solution that integrates with existing dental practice management systems designed specifically for organic production growth. Started in 2013, Practice Analytics has hundreds of clients across the US and Canada. This growing business is focused on measuring patient care and clinical effectiveness. Jeff currently resides near Portland, OR with his wife and three children.