2021 Speakers


Jordon Comstock

CEO, BoomCloud

Jordon Comstock, BoomCloud


I started out as a dental lab technician and then quickly was promoted to manage the business of Salt Lake Dental Lab and managed it for 7 years. I learned how to manage business, people, grow a sales & marketing department from scratch and built financial systems to ensure profit and growth. I then discovered the internet and found that I enjoy UX design, digital marketing, SEO, PPC, growth entrepreneurship SaaS and sales. I enjoy the challenge of making a business grow and solving business problems.

I am the founder and CEO of BoomCloud, a dental software company that enables dentists to reduce dependence on dental insurance by creating an in-house membership program for their practice. Our software currently helps dental practices (and other Healthcare providers) to administer membership programs and makes it easy for them to set up this strategy in their practice, generate recurring revenue, attract uninsured patients, retain patients and help increase case acceptance.