Let’s Get Sassy

An in-depth look at Dental Membership plans and what you need to do to implement a successful plan.

Thursday, February 4, 2021: 12:30 pm – 2 pm

CE Program #4 (1.50 Credits)



Dr. Brent Barta (Moderator), CEO, West 10th Street Group (Bio)

Jason Flanagan, DDS (Panelist), CoFounder & Advisor, Plan Forward, CEO, First Impressions Family Dental Car, PC (Bio)

Megan Lohman (Panelist), Co-Founder & CEO, Plan Forward  (Bio)

Landon Lemoine, (Panelist), Vice President of Growth, Bento (Bio)

Dave Monahan, CEO, Kleer (Bio)

Jordon Comstock,  CEO & Founder, BoomCloud Dental Membership (Bio)

Let’s Get Sassy Course Description

Our panelists will present an in-depth look into many aspects of incorporating and running a Dental Membership Plan into Dental Practices. 

Course Objectives

  • Provide an explanation of what Dental Membership Plans are
  • Discuss the different types of plans that can be implemented
  • Explain the difference between a dental plan and an insurance plan
  • Discuss the legal requirements for membership plans
  • Gain an understanding into the economics of a plan
  • Discuss the strategies to implement a plan
  • Provide direction on how to manage a plan on an ongoing basis

Participants Will Learn

At the end of this course the participants will:

  • Develop a good understanding of what dental membership plan are
  • Know what types of plans are available in the market
  • Gain and understanding on how these plans differ from traditional insurance plans
  • Learn about the basic economics of dental plans
  • Be able to develop an dental plan implementation strategy
  • Learn the best practices about managing a plan from implementation to ongoing plan activities